Dual Degree Program - MSN/MEd

The MSN/MEd is an integrated program consisting of 54 semester credit hours. This program was developed in response to a community need for nurse educators. The MSN/MEd prepares the graduate to administer and teach in educational settings (i.e., CE providerships, in-service educators and nurse educators).

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The graduate of the program of study leading to the Master of Science in Nursing and Master of Education degrees will:

  • Synthesize theoretical and empirical knowledge from educational and nursing research, the humanities and the sciences, and evaluate it for its use in guiding nursing and education research and practice.
  • Exhibit competence and confidence when assuming role responsibilities as a graduate with advanced level preparation.
  • Exemplify moral and ethical leadership through a concern for others, the management of nursing care, and a commitment to professional excellence in the delivery of health care and the profession.
  • Evaluate issues and opportunities in health care delivery from ethical, sociopolitical, technological and historical frameworks while providing leadership for change.
  • Validate and extend nursing knowledge through interpretation of and collaboration in nursing research.
  • Communicate orally and in writing in a scholarly manner.
  • Broaden knowledge of the principles and techniques of education in modern society.
  • Enhance specific knowledge of one major area of the field of education.
  • Obtain essential understanding and skills necessary for intelligent consumption of educational research.