The curriculum consists of a minimum of 55 semester credit hours. The core courses include theoretical and practical knowledge, which serve as the foundation for advanced nursing education in a variety of roles.

Core courses focus on three major themes which are consistent with the philosophy for the graduate program: critical systematic inquiry, professional and personal development, and management of information and resources in a rapidly changing health care environment.

The courses in the education track emphasize education principles and skills that enhance adult education management and practices.

Flexible scheduling allows for either part-time or full time study.

Nursing Core (20 semester hours)
    NURS 500 Health Care Ethics for Nursing Leaders (3)
    NURS 501 Theoretical Bases for Nursing Practice (3)
    NURS 502 Nursing Research (3)
    NURS 505 Health Care Informatics (3)
    NURS 690 Health Care Policy for Nursing Leaders (2)
    NURS 754 Nursing Leadership & Management Concepts (3) 
    NURS 864 Epidemiologic Methods in Health Care (3)

Required Nursing Courses for Education Track (11 semester hours)
    NURS 580 Patho, Pharm & Assessment Nurse Education (3)
    NURS 660 Development of the Adult Learner in Health Care (3)
    NURS 664 Teaching Strategies (2)
    NURS 670 Roles of the Nurse Educator (3)

Required Education Courses (9 semester hours)
    EDFD 500 History & Philosophy of American Education (3)
    EDFD 505 Organization of Education Systems in U.S. (3)
EDAD 660 Curriculum Design & Teaching Strategies (3)

Elective Education Courses (Total of 12 hours, 3 of which are met by NURS 660) 
Select 9 credits from the following education courses:

    EDAD 543 Supervision of Instruction (3)

    EDAD 562 Political Structures and School/Community Relations (3)

    EDAD 563 School Finance, Bus. Affairs & Physical Facilities (3)

    EDAD 565 School Law (3)

    EDAD 570 Policy, Planning, Evaluation and Assessment (3)

    EDAD 510 Adv. Human Development & Learning (3)

    EDSP 500 Special Education Identification and Issues (3)


Synthesis and Application (6 semester hours)
NURS 703 Graduate Nursing Practicum I  (1)
    NURS 779 Applied Interprofessional Collaboration (1)
    NURS 705 Graduate Nursing Practicum II (2)
    NURS 797 Scholarly Project (2)