The MSN curriculum for registered nurses consists of a minimum of 36 semester credit hours. Associate degree or diploma-prepared registered nurses without a bachelor's degree complete bridge courses (RN to MSN) prior to matriculation into the MSN program. Registered nurses with a BA/BS (Educational Mobility Option) demonstrate eligibility for the MSN program through the admission process (see admission instructions).

The core MSN courses include theoretical and practical knowledge, which serve as the foundation for advanced nursing education in a variety of roles. Core courses focus on three major themes which are consistent with the philosophy for the graduate program: critical systematic inquiry, professional and personal development, and management of information and resources in a rapidly changing health care environment.

The MSN MIDAS pre-licensure curriculum consists of the Nursing Core (except for NURS 690) and courses designed specifically for MIDAS students.

Nursing Core (20 semester hours, 17 semester hours FNP, MIDAS)
   NURS 500 Health Care Ethics for Nursing Leaders (3)
   NURS 501 Theoretical Bases for Nursing Practice (3)
   NURS 502 Nursing Research (3)
   NURS 505 Health Care Informatics (3) OR
   NURS 854 Advanced Informatics (CNL, FNP and MIDAS students)
   NURS 690 Health Care Policy for Nursing Leaders (2)
              (not required for MIDAS)
   NURS 754 Nursing Leadership & Management Concepts (3) 
              (not required for FNP - covered in NURS 770))
   NURS 864 Epidemiologic Methods in Health Care (3)

Tracks (minimum of 10 semester hours)
    Administration - 10 semester hours
    Clinical Nurse Leader - 15 semester hours 
    Education - 11 semester hours
    Family Nurse Practitioner - 28 semester hours/600 clinical hours
    Forensics - 10 semester hours (includes NURS 779 in track courses)
    General Studies (Customized MSN) - 10 semester hours 
    Health Care Law - 10 semester hours
    Informatics - 10 semester hours 
    MSN MIDAS pre-licensure incorporates CNL track - see curriculum

Synthesis and Application (6 semester hours - MSN CNL 8 semester hours)
   NURS 703 Graduate Nursing Practicum I  (1 or 2)*
   NURS 705 Graduate Nursing Practicum II (2)
   NURS 779 Applied Interprofessional Collaboration (1)*
   NURS 797 Scholarly Project (2)

 Synthesis and Application Variations:
   CNL: NURS 853 & NURS 855 instead of NURS 703, 705, 779 & 797
   FNP: NURS 777 & NURS 778 are required instead of NURS 703 & NURS 705
   MSN MIDAS: See curriculum (do not take NURS 703, 705, 779, 797)
 *NURS 703 is 2 cr. if NURS 779 is taken within track rather than Synthesis & Application (track courses page)