Noyce Summer Internship Program 

Six interns will be selected to spend nine weeks with Breakthrough Cincinnati, M2SE and Boys Hope Girls Hope Cincinnati. First and second year students with a passion for service are strongly encouraged to apply. The first week of the program will include a STEM-teaching boot camp. Students will live on the Xavier University campus, receiving room and board (including $750 food stipend) as well as a $400/week stipend. During the internship, students will keep journals and meet with mentors to reflect upon their experiences. Faculty and staff from the STEM departments, education department and Community Building Institute will work with students to expand their knowledge and interest in teaching inner-city/at-risk students. 

  • Internship Dates: 6/8-8/7, 2015.  Move in will take place 6/7.

Those interested should also fill out an application with Breakthrough Cincinnati, making sure to list Cincinnati as your single, preferred site.*

 Internship applications will be due 2/25/15.

Breakthrough Cincinnati

"is a four year, year-round, tuition-free, academically rigorous enrichment program, and our mission is to increase the educational and social opportunities of high-potential, motivated middle school students through high quality summer and school year programming, and to inspire and motivate talented high school and college students to pursue careers in education."


"The work of M2SE begins at the 4th grade and ends at the 12th grade. That?s 8 years of investment in thousands of young men and women since 1989! It is our mission to significantly increase the number of young women and minorities who are motivated, prepared for and enter science, technology, engineering and mathematics career fields.

Our programming is similar to the function and purpose of a LADDER (a structure for climbing up, a series of ascending steps or stages), moving children through various advancing stages to a successful future."

Boys Hope Girls Hope Summer Program

"Our scholars are exposed to a world of academic challenges and cultural enrichment in a summer program that prepares and gives them a competitive edge that will help them succeed in school and in life. The six-week summer program exposes our scholars to academics in a fun and exciting manner, as well as provides them with the chance to experience a broad range of opportunities in their community."