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Academic Day talks look ahead

Text of presentations on new programs, keys to University's future now available online


The University celebrated some of its best performers and thinkers during its annual Academic Day Tuesday, Oct. 15, as it examined proposals for a new honors program, “Philosophy, Politics and the Public,” a new interdisciplinary minor, “Catholicism and Culture,” and the key strategic issues and questions needed for the University to excel in the future. Presentations from the day include: • Fr. Graham's PowerPoint presentation on the Keys to Xavier's Future • Speeches from the Philosophy, Politics and the Public panel: - by E. Paul Colella, philosophy - by Nancy Bertaux, economics and human resources - by John Fairfield, history - by Timothy White, political science • Speeches from the Catholicism and Culture panel: - by John LaRocca, S.J., history - by Gillian Ahlgren, theology - by M. Christine Anderson, history - by Ernest Fontana, English