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MBA Quantitative GMAT Workshop

Time: 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM
Date: Saturday, November 17
Location: Smith Hall G28
Contact: http://www.xavier.edu/williams/mba/Events.cfm
or call 513-745-3525  

To assist you in preparing for the GMAT, the Williams College of Business offers test preparation workshops. The next workshops will be held on November 10 & 17, 2012. The workshops are designed to help you review some basic algebra and geometry, sentence structure, integrated reasoning topics, to familiarize you with the format of the test, and to give general testing strategies. It is our experience that such a preparation, combined with self-study, will make you more comfortable in the testing situation and help maximize your performance. Registration is REQUIRED! Go to http://www.xavier.edu/williams/mba/Events.cfm to register or email xumba@xavier.edu.


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