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Xavier Leadership Centers New Certificate Program Addresses Critical Leadership Gap


In 2011, Xavier Leadership Center (XLC) conducted a comprehensive survey about training and development needs of local businesses. Results of this research indicate that while most businesses were investing in training and development, it probably isn’t enough. One of the most consistent needs across all organizations, regardless of employees’ role, is in the area of leadership development. XLC’s survey results mirrored a national trend sometimes labeled the “leadership gap.” 

According to a national survey by Aon Hewitt, effective leaders are in high demand, but as of today, there is a shortage. In fact, over 80 percent of employees surveyed by Aon Hewitt said they did not have an effective leader or someone they felt could meet business goals or profitability targets, deliver service and retain talent. Additionally, a recent Price Waterhouse (PW) survey among CEOs highlighted the importance of building leadership skills in order to drive organizational innovation. The PW survey indicated that industry leaders do not think their organizations have the skills needed to drive change and innovation. Specifically, while nearly half of CEOs expect future organizational growth, only 30 percent felt they have the talent they need to support it.  In fact, 1 in 4 CEOs said they had to delay or pass on new market opportunities or miss sales goals because of limitations in leadership.

This significant, and ever-widening, leadership gap inspired XLC to offer their Leadership Foundations Certificate Program (available only privately up until now) beginning in the fall 2012 through XLC’s Corporate University @ Xavier University.

XLC’s intensive, yet flexible, 8-day Leadership Foundations Certificate Program has been designed to meet the leadership development needs for Fortune 500 companies in the area. The primary goal of the program is to develop leaders who will ultimately make a difference in their organization. The program is a hands-on leadership experience focusing on topics such as personal leadership, implementing organizational strategy, leading change and achieving results through others. Participants will come away from the program knowing how to optimize the skills and talents they already possess, while building the skills they will need in order to be successful in the future.

Bruce Miller, managing partner for Xavier Leadership Center, is excited about the program’s expansion and public offering and says, “XLC has been developing and implementing leadership programs for clients privately for several years. Given the market need, it makes sense to offer the same program to a broader audience. We have found these programs make a real difference in a leader’s ability to impact and achieve organizational goals.” 

One senior manager surveyed said that the Leadership Foundations Certificate program not only made him a better leader, “but a better person” and added, “No matter how small a part I play in the company, I can still create big changes. I’ve applied everything I learned and have re-evaluated my personal leadership style. I found a lot of value and would even recommend the series to seasoned managers.”

The Leadership Foundations Certificate Program will be offered this fall, beginning Sept. 6, 2012, and this winter, beginning Jan. 9, 2013. For more information about the Leadership Certificate Program and other Corporate University programs offered by Xavier University, visit Xavier Leadership Center online at, or contact Bruce Miller at 513-745-3230 or at