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The Summer Skills Series: Be at the Top of Your Professional Development this Summer with this Free Series

The Summer Skills Series is available for current Xavier MBAs, Prospective Xavier MBAs, and MBA Alumni


Professional development doesn't stop during the summer time.

To help current, prospective and alum MBA students be at the top of their professional development, the Xavier MBA Professional Development Center is offering the Summer Skill Series.   Based on overwhelmingly positive student feedback, the PDC is offering the Summer Skills Series again but with update workshops to meet the needs of today's business professionals.

The Summer Skills Series is free to all Xavier current MBA students, prospective students, and alums.

Programs include:

The Bloomberg Experience

May 18th 1-5 p.m., 5/3rd Training Room, Smith Hall
Bloomberg is a powerful computer information and retrieval system providing access to financial, economic, accounting, demographic, legal data, news, and analytics. This session will raise awareness of the resources available that can span multiple disciplines - whether you work in the Finance arena or beyond Bloomberg can prove to be a valuable tool! This workshop will teach users how to navigate the system, discover Bloomberg’s powerful functions, and set up your own Bloomberg username.
*Through the corporate partnership with Bloomberg L.P., the Fifth Third Trading Center is the largest Bloomberg-equipped facility among universities in the country. In addition to Bloomberg, the Fifth Third Trading Center also provides access to the Morningstar platform, Research Insight, and other data, news, search, and analytical systems. 
Building Proficiency in Excel
June 29th 1-5 p.m., Conaton Learning Commons, Room 207         
This session will provide a hands-on opportunity for you to expand your proficiency with Excel, while discovering ways to make your workday more efficient. Brad Horak, of Xavier’s Discovery Services Center, will walk attendees through the following:
  • Creating and Modifying Charts: learn how to create charts on worksheet data and customize the charts’ design, layout and formatting.
  • Using Sorts, Filters & Pivot Tables: learn how to import data into Excel worksheets; sort, consolidate and filter data; remove duplicate data; validate data; and organize data using Excel outlines. Participants will also learn how to use PivotTables, a powerful tool to quickly summarize large amounts of data in a flexible, ad hoc manner.
  • Analyzing Data Using What-if Tools: Overview of Microsoft Excel’s powerful What-if Analysis tools (Goal Seek, Scenario Manager and Data Tables).
Influencing without Authority: Cornerstone
July 20th 1-5 p.m., Location TBD
Leadership is more about influence, than the exercise of authority. It is about behaving in ways that influence the feelings, thoughts, and actions of others. This is the key to sustainable leadership and organizational success. With this definition, leadership does not depend on what level you are within the organizational pyramid.
Our facilitators, Rocco Dal Vera, Denise Dal Vera and Annie Fitzpatrick, will guide participants through a learning experience that will change the way you engage others, manage interactions and shape outcomes. This program leverages the fact that—regardless of what we may think—most people make decisions (even complex technical and financial ones) based upon emotional factors. So the ability to connect with your audience on an emotional level is one of the keys to leading others, especially when you don’t have direct authority over what they do. It is also one of the keys to managing interactions and discussions with people who are “difficult.”
If you are interested in how to more effectively influence human interactions and communications in ways to better achieve your personal, team, and organizational goals – this is the workshop for you! Click here to learn more about this session and our facilitators!
Implementing Innovation
August 10th 1-5 p.m., Location TBD
We all seem to agree we need to be more innovative. Some say it is the predominant way in the information age for organizations to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. So what is innovation? Len Brzozowski, of the Xavier Leadership Center, will guide participants through an active discussion on how leading organizations like P&G, IDEO, May Clinic, Google and others make it work in practice. Attendees will explore these topics and what it takes systematically and culturally to make innovation an important piece of your organizational tool kit.

A $25 deposit is required to hold your reservation for each session.  Accounts will NOT be charged if participant attends the session.  No-shows and those who cancel their reservation within 24 hours of the session will be charged the $25 fee