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The Department of Management & Entrepreneurship Announces the Nation's First Black-Belt in Entrepreneurship Winners

Three MBA students and Undergraduate student honored in this inagural competition.


The Management & Entrepreneurship Department in the Williams College of Business at Xavier University is pleased to announce the first Black Belt in Entrepreneurship and Blue Belt in Entrepreneurship winners.  This is the first such competition in the nation.

The students receiving the Black Belt designation were:

Undergraduate Senior Entrepreneurship major Lyden Foust

Evening MBA student Shaun Fitzgibbons

Evening MBA alumni Michael Kou

Executive MBA student Jeff Lay

The students receiving the Blue Belt designation were:

Undergraduate Accounting, Finance and Entrepreneurship major Anthony Breen

West Chester MBA Student Mark Loughry

Executive MBA student Joey Rohr

The awarding of the designations took place at the MGMT & ENTR end of the year celebration on Thursday, April 26th.