Student Research

| October 14, 2008


Bradford, L. Innovative research ideas in the area of Long-Term Care. Article to be featured in Psychologists in Long Term Care Newsletter.
Bumberry, L., Hart, K. J., Nelson, W. M., III, Fridman, M., & Griffiths, B.  Cluster analysis of juvenile offenders:  MACI profiles.  Presented at the AMerican Psychological Association COnvention, Boston, MA, 2008.
Meyers, R. E., Nelson, W. M., III, Hart, K. J., & Deardorff, P. S.  MAYSI-2:  Local normative data and utility with juvenile offenders.  Presented at the American Psychological Association Convention, Boston, MA, 2008.
Pershing, R., Lengerich, T. & Stephens, L. Resident Support Groups Using Positive Psychology in a Residency-Based Family Practice to be presented at The 29th Forum for Behavioral Science in Family Medicine, September 2008, Chicago, IL.
Mullins, M. E., & Rogers, C. (2008).  Reliance on intuition and faculty hiring.  Industrial and Organizational Psychology: Perspectives on Science and Practice, 1.
Osatuke, K., Yanovsky, B., Draime, J., & Dyrenforth,  S. (May, 2008). 360-Degree Ratings of Managers' Skill
Relate to Workgroup Satisfaction With Supervision. Presented at the annual Association for
Psychological Science convention in Chicago, IL.