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Save the Date for Challenges & Careers in Compliance and the Ethics Round Table from the Cintas Institute for Business Ethics


 The Cintas Institute for Business Ethics is hosting two events this fall term. These events provide unprecedented access for students and alums to individuals who work in the areas of ethics & compliance.  These events provide straightforward and honest assessment of ethics and compliance and the importance of both in every business and organization.

On Tuesday, September 30th the Cintas Institute will host Challenges and Careers in Compliance.

At this event a panel of experts will outline the issues and strategies businesses face in addressing ethical, legal and regulatory challenges so pervasive today. It will include a discussion of career opportunities available to undergraduates, graduate students, and alums.

On Wednesday, October 15th, Oct. 15, the Cintas Institute is sponsoring the second annual Ethics Roundtable.

Based on the success from last year, this event is being held again.  It will feature Mr. Ben Blemker, a retired executive at the Joseph Company (and others) who dealt with the thorny issue of arbitrage, futures, and international sales.

As part of this interactive event, Ben will pose a hypothetical ethical/compliance situation.  Participants at the roundtables will discuss the ethical dilemma posed. Throughout the evening the plot will thicken as more variables are introduced to consider.

The event will close with an overall discussion that ties in nicely with "What Would YOU Do?" the ABC show hosted by John Quinones, who as it will happen is the speaker for the Heroes of Profession Ethics event on March 24, 2015.


All three of these events are free and open to the public.  They are a must for anyone wanting to think, learn, and consider ethics & their impact on business, people, and the community.