Safety Communications Protocol

| April 30, 2013



Safety Communications Protocol

Purpose: This protocol outlines the three tiers of safety-related incidents and the procedures for how Xavier University will communicate information to the Xavier community in the event of an incident.

 Level 1 Incident

Level 1 Incidents occur when there is an incident, either on or off campus that, in the judgment of the Chief of the Xavier University Police Department or a designee, constitutes an “imminent and ongoing threat” to the Xavier community. Level 1 Incidents will result in the issuance of a Timely Warning to the Xavier community.

 Timely Warnings are usually issued for the following Uniform Crime Reporting Program (UCR)/National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) classifications: criminal homicide, robbery, and arson (if they present an imminent and ongoing threat). Cases of aggravated assault and sex offenses are considered on a case-by-case basis, depending on the facts of the case and the information known by the Xavier University Police Department. Timely Warnings may also be posted for other crime classifications and other types of incidents (e.g., severe weather warnings, school closings, etc.), as deemed necessary.

 Level 1 Incident Communications

Timely Warnings are distributed using the University’s XU Alert Me system via text messages, emails and phone calls to individuals that have registered to receive XU Alert Me notifications. XU Alert Me will be activated when the University determines a serious safety or security threat exists and the Xavier community must take immediate action to remain safe and secure. In addition to XU Alert Me, the University will continue to use the following communication methods as appropriate:



As a situation evolves, updates will be provided to the Xavier community using these same avenues.

Level 2 Incident

Level 2 Incidents are violent crimes occurring on or within a one-block radius of campus that, in the judgment of the Chief of the Xavier University Police Department or his designee, do not result in an “imminent and ongoing threat” to the Xavier community.

 Level 2 Incident Communications

Level 2 Incidents will result in the issuance of a Public Safety Notice (PSN) on the Xavier Safety Website and an email notification to all individuals that have registered to receive Level 2 notifications. Additional information will also be provided, as available, via the @Xavier_Safety Twitter account.

Level 3 Incident

Level 3 Incidents are comprised of any other crimes or safety-related issues that are not considered a Level 1 or Level 2 Incident. Examples would include a pattern of thefts or burglaries or other safety-related issues in and around our community that may present a potential risk to the Xavier community.

 Level 3 Incident Communications

Level 3 Incidents will result in the issuance of a PSN on the Xavier Safety Website. Notification of these PSNs will also be posted on Twitter via the @Xavier_Safety account.


The University will endeavor to inform the Xavier community of matters reported from reliable sources, that we, in our discretion, believe merit informing.  PSNs are not substitutes for the XU Alert Me Timely Warnings, nor are they a substitute for individuals acting cautiously and responsibly and using media and other means the general population uses to become informed and aware of safety issues and concerns.

 The University strives to provide information that is both accurate and timely. However, the University is only able to relay information as it is reported to Xavier University by the Cincinnati or Norwood Police Departments or other reliable sources.

 The decision to issue a PSN shall be decided on a case by case basis in light of all the facts surrounding a reported incident, including factors such as the nature of the alleged crime, the threat to the Xavier community, and the possible risk of compromising law enforcement efforts.