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Enter the Innov8 for Health 2011 Improve Transitions in Care Challenge to win money, expert mentoring and support to transform your idea into a viable business.


A new community wide initiative to encourage and support innovation in health and health care is launching the first week of Nov.  This new initiative is called, Innov8 for Health.


Innov8 for Health is a community wide effort to improve health, attract and retain top talent, and create jobs.  Partnerships with local organizations identify, engage, and support health innovation. 


Individuals and companies are encouraged to develop new ideas to improve health and health care through incentives, connections to necessary resources, and exposure during three community wide events.  The best ideas in health innovation will be funneled into entrepreneurship programs within universities and the start-up community.


Each year a new “challenge” will be selected to address a significant issue that is facing health care.  The 2011 Challenge is Transitions in Care.  When patients move from one care setting to the next (like:  home to hospital or nursing; home to camp; or home to college) many things can and often do go wrong causing difficulties for patients and caregivers and increasing costs to the entire health care system.

Innov8 for Health is looking for innovators to solve this challenge facing our friends, neighbors, and our country.  Visit: to learn more.


Innovators compete to win by submitting their ideas to the Innov8 for Health website ( by completing a simple online form describing the idea (ideas only, no business plans please) that will help improve transitions in care for patients and/ or their care givers.  Idea submission process begins the first week of November and will run through Nov. 20, 2011.  Check the Innov8 for Health website for regular updates.


The best ideas submitted will be invited to pitch during the first community event, Idea Expo on Dec. 2 from 3:00 to 7:00pm at the GE Aviation Learning Centre, 1 Neumann Way, Cincinnati, OH.

Contestants invited to the Idea Expo will enter one of two tracks:

·       University students enter the university track where they will have opportunity to win money, course credit, and exposure to employers

·       Entrepreneurs/ start-up companies will have an opportunity to win money and expert mentoring, exposure to funding sources and in-market testing


Winners from the Idea Expo who choose to develop their ideas into business concepts will be invited to participate in the Business Concept Exhibition in spring 2012.  The final of the three community events will showcase the most innovative solutions to improve transitions in care and provide winners with exposure to funding sources to help launch their start-up.  This event is planned for summer 2012.


To learn more about Inno8 for Health or the 2011 Improve Transitions in Care Challenge, please visit


If you are interested in sponsoring the Innov8 for Health initiative, please contact Sunnie Southern at


Let’s Innov8 for Health!