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A Look at a Week in the Life of the Williams College of Business' Sedler Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

Outgoing Sedler Center Director shares an overview of how the Sedler Center is engaged and committed to the development of small business initiatives in our region.


 After receiving the 2015 U.S. News & World Report ranking for 19th for an MBA in Entrepreneurship, the outgoing director of the Sedler Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Professor Joe Carter, shared this "snapshot" of a week at the Sedler Center:

 1. Polarity Mapping exercise  at the Lower Price Hill Community School (Education Matters). The exercise was led by Barry Johnson from Polarity Partnerships.

2. Conducted the LaunchCincy workshop among Price Hill and Madisonville participants. In the words of Karen Bouquet: "Don't let your thoughts defeat you. Keep in mind what you are capable of doing - don't dwell on your doubts - the doubts serve no purpose other than to slow you down."

3. The WaterFields, LLC, principals held a target market strategy session that feeds into their business plan.

4. The BLOC Ministries Incubator Core Team aligned on a plan to attract 25 targeted participants into their process. They are focused on attracting people into their incubator that want to start businesses that will create jobs in Price Hill.

5. The Greater Cincinnati Independent Business Alliance  conducted a lunch-and-learn that was focused on business model design.

6. The Greater Cincinnati Independent Business Alliance and Hispanic Chamber of Commerce conducted another LaunchCincy Juntos.

7. Met and explored options to initiate a program to help veterans develop and launch new businesses.

What's next: The Norwood - Woven Oaks LaunchCincy workshop series begins on June 14. The first session is focused on explaining the pre-work requirements for the first workshop (June 21) to the participants. We meet at The Speckled Bird Cafe on June 14. As of this week 14 participants have signed up.

As Professor Carter wraps up his time with the Sedler Center, the Williams College of Business is pleased to announce that Dr. Margaret Cunningham will be the new Director of the Sedler Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation.