Music Minor

The Music program affords students who have chosen a major field of study other than music the opportunity to continue their studies in music in a structured setting. The availability of a music minor will be of special interest to students who have actively participated in music organizations during their high school years and who have invested considerable time and resources pursuing their avocation. This course of study will provide students with a knowledge of theory, a historical/stylistic understanding of music, and vocal/instrumental performance experience.

18 total credit hours are required as follows:

Music Courses, 12 credit hours:

  • MUSC 200 - Theory I (3)
  • MUSC 202 - Theory II (3)
  • MUSC 210 - Music History I (3)
  • MUSC 211 - Music History II (3)

Ensembles, 3 credit hours:

  • MUSC 259-277

Applied Music, 3 credit hours:

  • MUSC 278-299

Additional Requirements:

  • Attendance at a minimum of 20 recitals.
  • A 2.000 cumulative average must be attained in these courses.