Locker Reservation Form

If you have any questions prior to filling out the form, please contact Rick Endres at 513-745-3839 or


I understand that this locker is the property of Xavier University Department of Music & Theatre and I am responsible for the locker for the current semester. I am also responsible for obtaining a combination lock to secure materials sotred in the locker.

I understand that all locks and materials must be removed from the locker by the last day of regular classes each year, unless otherwise approved by the Department of Music & Theatre. Any locks and materials remaning after the week of final exams will be removed.

I understand that the Department of Music & Theatre is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

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Please have standard dial combination lock available to secure locker. Any keyed locks or customizable locks are strictly prohibited.

Large lockers are reserved for large instruments only.

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Please use standard dial combination locks. Keyed locks or customizable locks are strictly prohibited.