Jazz Minor

The jazz minor is a practical, creative and comprehensive concentration of courses which gives students significant training and exposure in theory, history and performance. Students who complete the entire minor will be well qualified to excel in jazz studies at an advanced level; others who choose to pursue a less concentrated path will enjoy a deeper awareness of the jazz idiom. Courses in jazz studies include: Jazz: American Creative Music, Basic Jazz Preparation, Techniques of Jazz Writing and Arranging, Techniques of Jazz Improvisation, Jazz Improvisational Workshop and Jazz Ensemble.

Jazz Minor Requirements:

12 hours of music courses:

  • MUSC 101 - Basic Jazz Preparation
  • MUSC 114 - Jazz: American Creative Music
  • MUSC 206 - Techniques of Jazz Improvisation
  • MUSC 298 - Private Lesson: Jazz Guitar/Vo
  • MUSC 306 - Tech Jazz Writing and Arranging
  • MUSC 307 - Jazz Improvisation Workshop

3 hours in jazz ensemble from:

  • MUSC 271 - Jazz Ensemble

3 hours in applied music from:

  • MUSC 278-299

Additional Requirements:

  • Attendance at a minimum of 20 recitals.
  • A 2.000 cumulative average must be attained in these courses.

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