Degrees Offered

The Music program consists of three undergraduate degree programs: the Bachelor of Arts degree in Music with a concentration in a performance area (instrument or voice), in theory or in history, the Bachelor of Arts in Sacred Music with a concentration in keyboard or in choral conducting, and the Bachelor of Science degree in Music Education. These degree programs emphasize a broad coverage of the field of music and reflect Xavier's philosophy of combining a strong liberal arts core with a major area of study. Qualified students can double major in music and a second major although double majors often require additional semesters of study.

In addition to traditional music studies, all students receive exposure and fundamental instruction in the new and growing area of music technology. Students develop basic skills in music synthesis, computer printing of music, and the use of computers, synthesizers and piano in music education.

To strengthen and broaden the students' background, a liberal arts core curriculum consisting of courses in history, literature, foreign language, mathematics, science, philosophy, social science and theology is also required. Xavier music students receive a classical education and are prepared to meet the challenges of the contemporary music scene.