When you make your electronic application to Xavier as a music major, you will notice that you must upload three additional documents. Here is how the process works:

Step 1: The student applies to the university.

Step 2: If the student is applying as a music or music education major, they will be directed to electronically submit further application materials. These include:

  • a letter of recommendation from a music teacher
  • a résumé of the student's musical experiences
  • excerpts of two performances (each no longer than 2 minutes) in contrasting style demonstrating the student's performance capabilities.

Step 3: Upon acceptance by the university, the online music portfolio of the admitted student is reviewed by the full-time members of the music faculty.

Step 4: The faculty will recommend either:

  • That the student is permitted to major in music based upon the strength of their application materials and will be encouraged to audition for a music scholarship; or,
  • The student is permitted to minor in music. The department will outline a series of courses that the student should take their first year at Xavier to help them discern whether a major in music is possible given their level of training and knowledge.
Musical background and proficiency in an applied instrument/voice will determine placement within the department. Progress during the freshman and sophomore years will be closely evaluated.

To strengthen and broaden the students' background, a liberal arts core curriculum consisting of courses in history, literature, foreign language, mathematics, science, philosophy, social science and theology is also required. Xavier music students receive a classical education and are prepared to meet the challenges of the contemporary music scene.