MSN/MSCJ Objectives

The Master of Science in Nursing and Master of Science in Criminal Justice dual degree objectives include:

  • Synthesize theoretical and empirical knowledge from the humanities and the sciences, including nursing, and evaluate it for its use in guiding nursing research and practice.
  • Exhibit competence and confidence when assuming role responsibilities as a graduate with advanced level preparation.
  • Exemplify moral and ethical leadership through a concern for others, the management of nursing care, and a commitment to professional excellence in the delivery of health care and the profession.
  • Evaluate issues and opportunities in health care delivery from ethical, sociopolitical, technological, and historical frameworks while providing leadership for change.
  • Validate and extend nursing knowledge through interpretation of and collaboration in nursing research.
  • Apply forensic nursing principles to the promotion of health care and safety in the community.
  • Promote early identification and prevent potential abuse of children, adults, and the elderly.
  • Discuss trauma and death and the collection, preservation and documentation of related evidence.
  • Apply expert witness skills and legal consultation in investigations related to violence and trauma.
  • Demonstrate a capacity for understanding the dynamics of criminal and delinquent behavior, the nature and scope of the crime and delinquency complex in contemporary society, and the current efforts by the criminal justice system to address these issues.
  • Comprehend important questions. Present "state of the art" conceptual information and impact upon attitudes and "human skills".