Objectives - MSN/MBA for Registered Nurses

  • Synthesize theoretical and empirical knowledge from the humanities and the sciences, including nursing, and evaluate it for its use in guiding nursing research and practice.
  • Exhibit competence and confidence when assuming role responsibilities as a graduate with advanced level preparation.
  • Exemplify moral and ethical leadership through a concern for others, the management of nursing care, and a commitment to professional excellence in the delivery of health care and the profession.
  • Evaluate issues and opportunities in health care delivery from ethical, sociopolitical, technological, and historical frameworks while providing leadership for change.
  • Validate and extend nursing knowledge through interpretation of and collaboration in nursing research.
  • Analyze, plan, and venture effectively in a variety of health care related environments.
  • Organize, integrate, and synthesize complex organizational issues effectively and efficiently.
  • Conceptualize the health care enterprise within a larger context and establish and attain appropriate goals.
  • Develop the capacity to continuously learn and evolve with technological and industrial change.