The purpose of the Xavier University Montessori Lab School Tuition Assistance Fund is to help parents or guardians in financial need to send their chil(ren) to school.

Any awarded amount of tuition assistance is applied directly to the reduction of  tuition through the contracted tuition management system. Amounts of assistance may vary depending on financial need.  

Parents or guardians desiring Tuition Assistance should so indicate at the time they apply for their child(ren)'s admission to the school, or in the case of continuing students, at the time they register for the upcoming academic year (usually January through March). At that time parents and guardians should complete the Parents'/Guardians' Confidential Financial Statement for Tuition Assistance Form supplied by the school.

A Tuition Assistance Committee, composed of faculty, will consider the application for tuition assistance of those students admitted to or continuing in the school. The school will inform each student applicants' parents or guardians of the Committee's decision (usually in June), and in the case of a student selected to receive assistance, will indicate the amount of the award. The award will be for the upcoming academic year only, and parents or guardians of continuing students will have to reapply in subsequent years if they still need assistance.


Please print and submit the following form(s) along with the appropriate admissions application, in order to be considered for tuition assistance. All forms must be completed in full, signed, and must have requested supporting documentation attached.