Language Placement

The Department of Modern Languages encourages students to build on previous language study by continuing their study at the university level. We believe that students are served best by registering in the course most appropriate for their proficiency levels when entering the university.

The following courses fulfill language requirement of the core curriculum depending on placement:

  • ASLN 101-102-201-202
  • FREN 101-102-201-202
  • GERM 101-102-201-202
  • JAPN 101-102-201-202
  • SPAN 101-102-201-202
  • ITAL 101-102-201-202

Placement for American Sign Language, Italian, and Japanese is arranged on an individual basis. Incoming students who have previous study of French, German, or Spanish should take the computerized language placement exam during PREP or other orientation periods. The results of each student's exam will appear on screen and a printed report will be generated for recording in the official degree audit. Students should take their exam reports to advising sessions and register for the appropriate course.

Interpret placement and core requirements (6 hours after placement) as follows:

  • FREN/GERM/SPAN 102 - Student begins with the 102 Elementary II course and subsequently takes 201.
  • FREN/GERM/SPAN 201 - Student begins with the 201 Intermediate I course and subsequently takes 202.
  • FREN/GERM/SPAN 202 - Student begins with the 202 Intermediate II course, upon completion of which the requirement is satisfied.
  • FREN/GERM/SPAN 300 - Student has satisfied the core requirement and is prepared for 300 level (upper division) courses in the language should the student wish to do so.
  • Please Note: Students may not take for credit a course below their language placement level. The only exception is the student who studied a language for two or fewer years in high school and has not studied the language for five or more years. Students may, of course, audit a course a level lower than their placement or they may select another language and begin with the 101 Elementary I course. For many reasons, these options are not generally advised.
French Language 3
4 or 5
FREN 101 & 102
FREN 101, 102, 201 & 202
Elementary French I & II Elementary French I & II;
Intermediate French I & II
French Literature 3, 4 or 5 3hrs FREN 420 Survey of French Literature 1
German 3
4 or 5
GERM 101 & 102
GERM 101, 102, 201 & 202
Elementary German I & II Elementary German I & II;
Intermediate German I & II
Spanish Language 3
4 or 5
SPAN 101 & 102
SPAN 101, 102, 201 & 202
Elementary Spanish I & II Elementary Spanish I & II;
Intermediate Spanish I & II
Spanish Literature 3, 4 or 5 3hrs SPAN 400 Introduction to Hispanic Literature

Transfer Credits

Students with transfer credit from another university should speak with a faculty member of the Department of Modern Languages regarding appropriate placement.