Careers in Modern Languages

Image of Spanish professor in classLanguage skills are useful in a variety of career and professional settings. Recent graduates with majors or minors from the department of modern languages currently are engaged in a variety of challenging professions:

  • graduate school
  • medical school
  • law school
  • teaching in public and private elementary, middle, and high schools
  • state and local government
  • national non-profit organizations
  • neighborhood community service organizations
  • national & international volunteer programs
  • positions in large and small companies

Students are encouraged to explore career possibilities with their academic advisors early the university experience. Some programs require detailed sequences of classes that are better planned from the first year of studies. Faculty advisors will be pleased to discuss any career related questions with their students.

Often, student needs go beyond the expertise of the faculty members in the Department of Modern Languages. In these cases, advisors can assist students with referrals to the appropriate campus resources. The Center for Career and Leadership Development offers many personal and professional inventories to match student skills and aptitudes with potential careers.

Students interested in linking language study and programs should consider contacting the following university offices:

  • Graduate School - Any full-time faculty member in the Department of Modern Languages.
  • Business - Contact Ms. Cynthia Stockwell, Director of Undergraduate Programs in the Williams College of Business. 513 745-3131.
  • Law - Contact Dr. Tim White, Pre-Law Advisor. 513 745-2997.
  • Education - Contact Dr. Diane Ceo-DiFrancesco, Education Advisor in the Department of Modern Languages. 513 745-3423.
  • Medicine - Contact Ms. Kara Rettig-Pfingstag, Pre-Professional Health Advisor. 513 745-3691.