About the Language Resource Center

The Language Resource Center (LRC) aims to prepare students for a world where the knowledge of other languages and cultures is an increasingly useful tool.  Through the promotion of learning other languages and cultures, we hope to provide a space where students are able to broaden their knowledge and world view in order for them to develop into responsible and sensible participants in the global community.  

The Language Resource Center is located in rooms 403 and 404 of the Conaton Learning Commons.  CLC 404 functions as a state of the art technologically equipped classroom with dedicated software and hardware packages for the Xavier University Department of Modern Languages and the Intensive English Program.  When classes are not in session, CLC 404 is an ideal place for language students to complete electronic assignments, record voice samples for class, or connect with the world via the internet.  Next door in CLC 403 is where you will find the "Hub." Here, students are encouraged to interact in all languages with others on campus or video conferencing through the internet.  It is the perfect place for language and international club events, movie screenings, studying, or socializing with others who share a passion for learning about other languages and cultures.  We now have several board games for students to have fun in the language of their choice.