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Department Chair
Shannon Byrne-Cueva
904 Schott Hall
Phone 513 745-3456E-mail

  • ASLN Coordinator:
    Mrs. Michele Bailes 513 745-3464
  • French Coordinator:
    Mrs. Margaret McDiarmid 513 745-3406
  • German Coordinator:
    Dr. Irene Luken 513 745-3549
  • Education Coordinator:
    Dr. Diane Ceo-DiFrancesco 513 745-3423
    (Evaluation of transcripts for certification in Education; transfer credit evaluations; Foreign Language Collaborative; administration of Graduate Reading Exams for Spanish)
  • Technology Coordinator:
    Dr. David Knutson 513 745-4240
  • Spanish Core Coordinator:
    Mrs. Dolly Goddard 513 745-3542
    (Coordination of syllabi and tests, 101-202; scheduling; supervision, hiring, mentoring of part-time faculty; grade grievance issues; processing of Student Evaluation of Teaching for section.)
  • Spanish Major/Minor Coordinator:
    Dr. José María Mantero 513 745-4395
    (Assignment of advisers; coordination of Senior Research Projects; Spanish Club and Spanish Honorary; library orders; preparation/review of published materials e.g. University Catalog, major/minor descriptions, admissions brochure, etc.)
  • Special Event Coordinator:
    Dr. Irene Hodgson 513 745-3541