Anyone working in the international arena - whether in international relations, for an international organization, or in business - needs to be able to work with people from around the world and have a deep understanding of the global economic environment. Our graduates are prepared for the contemporary global economy with:

  • A solid foundation in French, German, or Spanish.
  • The skills to address international economic issues and work in the global arena.
  • A sound understanding of the cultures that exist across the global economy.

Students are prepared and encouraged to pursue internships and exchange programs abroad.

Graduates are prepared to work for U.S. and U.N. offices and agencies, financial institutions, aid and advocacy organizations, and private companies engaged in international commerce. They are also ready to pursue graduate school in diplomacy, business, law, and other disciplines. Read much more about international business careers and begin planning now by following the advice in our Strategies to Pursue an International Career.