Religious Pluralism and the Campus Community:
The Lived Experience of Nostra Aetate




With commentary from Fr. William Verbryke SJ,  Trustee since 2011 and Fr. Michael Graham SJ and Xavier's chief mission officer and faculty and student representatives.  (The Introduction can be read here.)


The Service of Faith in a Religiously Pluralistic World
Former Superior General of the Society of Jesus, Very Reverend Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, S.J.

You Can't Be a Catholic University If You Are Not Ecumenical  Fr. John Jenkins
  Information on Nostra Aetate


Reflection Questions

In what ways do I believe a religiously pluralistic campus community enriches the student learning experience at Xavier?

Muslim chaplain Salih Yucel stated that, "The goal of interfaith dialogue and collaboration between different peoples is to explore new dynamics that will benefit all humanity." 
How have I explored 'new dynamics' with people different from myself? To what benefit?

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