Dana A. Tindall

Associate Director for Learning Environments
Xavier University

Project Title:

(Proposed) Connecting Campus Students with the Immersion Experience

Project Overview:

This project seeks to leverage our University online tools to connect students and class groups at home and abroad in Academic Service Learning Opportunities. The immersion experience is something not all our students can take advantage of. Using the Wimba Live Classroom tool embedded in our Blackboard Learning Management system we can provide the chance for students abroad and those on campus to connect in real-time using audio and video for classes and informal conversations. This provides not only the opportunity for instructors to teach to groups from either origin point, but allows students in the immersion experience to interact with students at home sharing aspects of the immersion experience in a rich and empathy-laden dialog.


An immersion trip is a transformational experience that I believe all of our students should be able to touch in some way as part of their Jesuit educational experience.

Project Details:

- Discussions and careful development planning for class curriculum and activities with various key faculty
- Discussions and planning with key technology departments
- Development of implementation time-line
- Procurement of funding, equipment, and human resources for project assistance

Indicators of Success:

- Positive student and instructor feedback
- Enrollment numbers for classes offering this connection
- Increased student interest for Service Learning Opportunities


- Human resource needs to support the project
- Maintaining mission oriented and reasonable growth of the project
- Technical issues and the resolution of those issues in the field