Spirit Celebration
Monday, September 9, 2013

3:00 p.m.   (Xavier's Commons Hour)
Xavier Yard, Husman Hall Stage

University President Michael J. Graham, S.J., invites students, faculty, staff, friends, and their families to celebrate the beginning of the academic year.


  • This year, University President, Rev. Michael Graham, S.J. will preside and provide the homily at the Mass of the Holy Spirit.
  • A community festival with a variety of light food selections will follow the Mass.
  • This is an opportunity for the Xavier community, composed of people of a variety of faith traditions, to gather together and be united in common prayer asking for God's blessing on the new year.


  History --- Most Catholic high schools and universities celebrate the Mass of the Holy Spirit at the beginning of every academic year. In fact, within Jesuit circles the tradition dates to the first Jesuit school in Messina, Sicily in 1548. It has been celebrated at Xavier, recently as "Spirit Celebration", since 1840 when Fr. John Elet, S.J., the first president, presided.

See and hear John Larocca, S.J. consider the relationship between the Mass of the Holy Spirit and the Jesuit  mission