Seeking Integration and Wisdom: The Xavier Way


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Introduction to the Document

Seeking Integration and Wisdom: The Xavier Way

Creative Tensions


Reflection Questions

A number of thought provoking questions are raised. How might we, as the ______ Committee/Department, respond to them?

How ought our Committee/Department act to fulfill Xavier’s Mission with excellence and integrity?
What values should guide us?
To what will we hold ourselves accountable?
How do we aid in maintaining a robust Jesuit Catholic identity while also integrating all persons into our community?
How do we grapple with the difficult, important issues of our times?
(What are the important issues of our times?)
What does the Xavier Way mean today and how will we embody it in our work together as the ________Committee/Department?

Which one of the five creative tensions is most important for our Committee/Department to engage with in order to ‘foster a culture of encounter, integration and wisdom’? Why?

How does a culture of encounter benefit the work and responsibilities of our Committee/Department?

What challenges does a culture of encounter pose for our work and responsibilities?