ANNEX B (On-Campus Scholarship Process)
1.   Xavier University Army ROTC will process scholarship requests for incoming freshman prospects that miss the deadlines for the National Scholarship Board or for prospects that wish to enter the ROTC program at the MS II or higher level.  All on campus applicants must have applied to the university prior to their name being placed on the OML  This entire process is known as the On-Campus Scholarship Program. This annex is intended to create a fair process to all applicants and to only process scholarship requests for those that are truly interested in serving as officers in the United States Army. Scholarship money will not be allocated for those that lack the desire or commitment for service. This annex will detail the method for placing a prospect's name on the Standing Order of Merit List (OML). An applicant will not be promised or guaranteed an Army ROTC Scholarship. The only promise is that once the following steps have taken place, the applicant's name will be placed on the OML pending full qualification. All applicants will be advised to seek other means of funding school in the event they do not earn a scholarship.
2. Once the applicant has been pre-screened, an appointment will be scheduled to interview with the PMS or his designated representative. If the applicant is physically unable to conduct the PMS Interview at Xavier, the applicant may conduct their PMS Interview at another Senior ROTC program, with prior approval. This should be a last resort and every effort should be made to interview at Xavier University. At the PMS's discretion, a telephonic interview may be conducted. The intent is that all applicants will meet with the PMS face to face so that a personal assessment can be made independent of the Recruiting Officer.
3. During this time, the applicant will be provided with the On-Campus Scholarship Process Memorandum that explains what documents are required and the DODMERB Physical process. Once received, the applicant must fax, mail, e-mail scanned copies, or hand carry the required documents to the Enrollment Officer. Copies may be accepted for placement on the OML but the EO must see the original documents prior to a scholarship becoming effective. If an original document cannot be produced, the applicant's name will be removed from the OML until the EO can verify the original document. If this happens, the applicant's name will be re-boarded and the name will be placed on the OML based on current qualifications as compared to all other applicants on the OML at that time.
4. The applicant must schedule and take the DODMERB (or MEPS) physical before their name will be placed on the OML. The applicant may not take the Army Physical Fitness Test until this has happened. The applicants name may be placed on the OML without being qualified by DODMERB. The applicant's name will remain on the OML until disqualified by the Cadet Command Surgeon or the PMS as applicable.
5.  In order to be placed on the OML the applicant must be within 5% of their authorized body fat IAW with applicable Army
Regulations. The applicant will be reminded of the importance of meeting body fat standards and not meeting the standard will affect their placement on the OML. All applicants must meet body fat standards in order to contract. The applicant may be on the OML if 5% or less over their body fat allowance but they must show they are making progress towards meeting Army standards before contracting. If the applicant does not make progress they may be removed from or moved to the bottom of the OML.  
6. The applicant must coordinate and take the Army Physical Fitness Test. While not necessary to pass the
APFT to have their name placed on the OML, an awarded scholarship will not take effect until they do. If the applicant is not able to take the APFT at Xavier, the applicant will be authorized to take the APFT at another Senior ROTC program. The results must be faxed to the EO at Xavier on a DA Form 705. The testing official must sign the form. If the applicant is overseas, we will accept a signed DA Form 705 signed by an active duty NCO or officer.
Once steps 1-6 have taken place the applicant may sign the CC Form 139-r. At this point applicant's name will
be placed on the standing OML developed IAW with CCR 145-1. The applicant will be reminded that this does not guarantee a scholarship, only that their name is on the standing OML. 
1.  Once the applicant's name is on the OML, scholarships will be offered based on availability of funds and the
type of scholarship the applicant has been submitted for.  This will vary from year to year. There is no timeline for offering a scholarship. Applicants are placed on the OML based on their qualifications, not first come - first serve. An applicant's standing may change if a better qualified prospect applies prior to scholarship offers being made. The EO will make every effort to update the applicant on their scholarship status as new information becomes available. 
2. Once offered, a scholarship offer will not be revoked unless there is cause or a change in the applicant's status.
 There is the possibility that a scholarship may be upgraded based on current conditions and availability of funds.
3.   All applicants will be given a copy of this annex and the Scholarship Process Memorandum. A signed copy will
be placed in their file.
Applicant Signature: _____________________________________   Date: __________________________
Printed Name: _________________________________________



To apply for an On-Campus Scholarship we will need the following information.  Until we can make this page more interactive, print this page and fill in the information and either FAX it, e-mail it, or better yet, make and appointment to stop by and see us.

Phone: (513) 745-1060   FAX:  (513) 745-1065










U.S. Citizen: Yes No

GPA:          ACT:         SAT:

What school do plan on attending: 

Xavier, Miami, Northern Kentucky, Thomas More, Mount Saint Joe

What do you plan on majoring in:

Do you compete in team sports or athletic competitions? Yes No

Do you hold a leadership position at school or elsewhere? Yes No




     To earn a scholarship you must be a U.S. Citizen, in good health, have good grades and test scores. You must not have a criminal record or be addicted to drugs.   The Army realizes that not everybody is perfect and sometimes people make poor choices.   As with most anything in the Army, there are some items that are waiver-able and others that are not. We will assist you in preparing a waiver packet for certain indiscretions that the regulations permit us to request waivers on.
     Below is the list of requirements for you to do. (We just need copies for 2-6.)
1.     Department of Defense Medical Review Board Physical (DODMERB) This is conducted by contracted Physicians and an Optometrists . We will set you up in our system but you will need to schedule and complete your appointments.   Please call us about this as soon as possible because we will need to get the zip code of your nearest Army medical provider in your area to avoid you having to come to Cincinnati for your appointments.
2.     Birth certificate
3.     Social Security Card
4.     High school or college transcripts. You must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA.
5.     Standardized Test Scores (ACT or SAT), You must have a minimum score of 19 on the ACT or 925 on the SAT. This is not waiver-able. (Not required if you have a established a college GPA.)
6.     Shot Records. One note, the information we will need on your shot records is proof of MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) and Chickenpox vaccinations (Varicella). If you have had Chickenpox and did not have to get the vaccination, we will need proof in Chickenpox in one of three ways:
a. your doctor has annotated that you Chickenpox on your shot record OR
b. we will need a copy of the medical record where your doctor diagnosed you with
   chicken pox OR
c. you will need to get the chickenpox antibodies test at your own expense and provide  us with the results (it usually costs about $75)
 Once we have this documentation we will have you fill out and return to us a couple of forms: Access to Student Records, the Medical Privacy Act Statement, a Location of your Dental Records Form. We can worry about this over the next couple of weeks.  You will have to complete an Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) after you graduate from H.S. which we will set up with an ROTC unit near you if you can't come to Xavier. You will also need to conduct and interview for the Professor of Military Science to further judge your character, determination and motivation to become an Army officer.
     Once we have qualified you, your name will be placed on an order of merit list with the other applicants based on your qualifications. Scholarships will be awarded based on merit and available funds for the given year. The better qualified, the higher on the list your name will be, the better chance you have to earn a scholarship.
     This is the beginning of the process. Once qualified, you will begin your training to earn your commission. Grades, physical fitness scores, performance, and character will determine if you meet your goal.
     For more information go to our website at We also have a Facebook page titled XU Army ROTC Class of 2013 that you are welcome to join. Also look for and our MySpace page at We also twitter at XavierROTC.
     Good luck to you. If at any time you have any questions about the process, don?t hesitate to call either Major Pete Gray at (513) 745- 1062 or Major Steve Harmon at (513) 745-1066, or e-mail us at
Our mailing address is:
Department of Military Science
ATTN: Scholarship and Enrollment Officer
3904 Winding Way
Cincinnati, Ohio
Our FAX is (513) 745-1065.