Cadet Initial Entry Training (CIET)

What is the Cadet Initial Entry Training? CIET is a 28 day leadership course conducted at Fort Knox, Kentucky which allows students to:

  • Examine the Army and the officer profession first before deciding to contract into the Army ROTC.
  • Qualify for entry into Army ROTC Advanced Course starting their junior year (ideal two years remaining in school to complete your undergrad or graduate degree) if they did not take ROTC as a freshman.
  • Earn Army ROTC 2 Year or 2 1/2 Year Scholarship through successfully completing CIET.

What is it like?

During CIET, the Army observes you and determines your officer potential in a leadership oriented, challenging, and motivating four-week training program. You will rappel, solve complex military problems in small teams, run obstacle courses, shoot rifles, meet other highly motivated college students from across the nation, and learn more about yourself than you could imagine.

CIET is not Army Basic Training or "Boot Camp" but, rather, an opportunity for the student to evaluate whether the Army is appropriate for them and for the Army to evaluate the your potential to become an Army officer.

Students are paid for their travel to and from Fort Knox. They receive a stipend in addition to free room and board. 

What are the opportunities for a scholarship?

During previous CIET many students who were eligible to apply for a scholarship received an offer for a two-year scholarship. Scholarships cover tuition and fees as well as a tiered tax-free monthly stipend starting at $450.00 for juniors.

How do I go?

Contact the XU Army ROTC Department immediately if you think you might be eligible and interested. A military science counselor will advise you on how you best can prepare yourself and give you the opportunity to apply for a CIET scholarship if you are interested. Call (513) 745-1060 or click here to send an email.