Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty (GRFD) will guarantee an Army cadet to access and serve in the Army National or Reserves as an Army Officer. Under the GRFD program, a student may elect at the beginning of their junior year a GRFD contract.

Upon graduation, a GRFD contract guarantees the student a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Army Reserve or the National Guard. The nifty thing is that the student, during their senior year, can request to have their GRFD contract revoked in order to go into the Active Army, if qualified.

Non-Scholarship GRFD Cadets who wish to revoke their GRFD Cadet Contract Endorsement and compete for an active duty selection must request revocation of the GRFD endorsement through the Professor of Military Science by 1 September of the fall in which they are to be accessed by the DA Branching and Selection Board, using ROTC CDT CMD Form 204-R (Revocation of the GRFD Cadet Contract Endorsement. The Professor of Military Science will forward cadet requests for revocation to HQ, USACC (ATCC-OI-R), for approval. This must be completed before transmitting the cadet's accession packet to the OML Panel and DA/ROTC Selection and Branching Board.

For more information on GRFD check out these documents: GRFD-SMP Briefing and GRFD Scholarship Guidance.