Campus based scholarships are very limited.  All Cadets enrolled in ROTC at Xavier and express a desire to obtain a commission will be placed on an Order of Merit List (OML) with all other cadets that are interested in a campus based scholarship for that specific year group.  As scholarship opportunities are made available to us we make offers to the number one Cadet on the OML. If you are awarded a campus based scholarship these are the benefits you may expect.

  • Tuition and all required fees
  • $1200 per year for books (paid in $600 installations per semester)
  • A monthly tax-free tiered stipend between $300.00 for Freshman to $500 for Seniors
  • Room and board incentives may be available based on which school you attend

How do I qualify for an Army ROTC scholarship? We are interested in students with Scholar, Athlete, and Leader attributes or what we call "SAL's." We are looking for people that can lead that are self-disciplined and are good followers.  We need people that can live in the field environment, those that can walk up to the obstacle course and tell their platoons "I'll go first and and show you how it's done."  You must be medically qualified, have high morals and have high ethical standards, etc. call the ROTC office at (513) 745-1060 to start you future.