Army Nursing

Here is a downloadable guide for interested nursing students, with plenty of information on Army ROTC Nursing.

Start strong with Army ROTC nursing

If nursing is your professional goal, there is no better place to begin your career than Army ROTC. Army ROTC offers you a unique opportunity to gain practical experience while you receive financial assistance for college.

Army ROTC enhances your undergraduate nursing education or graduate nursing education by providing the unique leadership and management training, along with the practical experience needed for success, either in the Army or in a civilian career. You will develop your professional skills while you learn some meaningful things about yourself and what you can accomplish. You will also develop leadership skills, self-confidence, flexibility, and adaptability while having fun.

As an AROTC nurse cadet, you will be able to combine college electives in military science and invaluable Nurse Summer Training Program experience with your nursing program.  Check out Xavier University's Nursing Program for more information about the classes you will take on campus.

After obtaining your baccalaureate degree and meeting the prerequisites, you will receive a commission as an Army Nurse Corps (ANC)officer. Once you have identified your assignment choices, you will be ready to take on the challenges of your profession in one of the Army hospitals or medical centers in the U.S., Germany, or Korea.

As an officer, you'll have the opportunity to lead, advance professionally, obtain specialized training, work with the latest medical technology, and serve with other highly trained medical personnel as an important member of the health care team.

Army ROTC is where is starts for the future leaders of the Army Nurse Corps.

Myths about Army Nursing

  • You will make more money as a civilian. Starting salary is over $44,000

What Army Nurses Do

  • Function as an RN in a military hospital or larger medical center.
  • Provide patient care to soldiers, family members and retirees.
  • Work 40 hours per week.
  • Work in modern JCAHO approved facilities with the most advanced equipment.
  • Wear white uniforms or scrubs.

Career progression: Early leadership and management roles

  • Charge Nurse.
  • Committee Chairperson.
  • Patient Teaching.
  • Supervisor to Civilian and Other Staff.
  • Nurse Manager with 4 Years of Active Duty.
  • Military Education and Higher Learning (Doctoral Studies).


  • All active duty Army Nurses have a BSN or higher.
  • Pay is comparable to or higher than a civilian nurse.
  • Army Nurses receive regular raises and promotions.
  • Specialty pay is available for Army Nurses with Masters Degrees (37% of Army Nurses have a Masters).


  • Medical and dental care.
  • Travel opportunities with moving and travel costs provided by the government.
  • 30 days paid vacation, 12 national holidays, and other training holidays per year.
  • 20 year retirement, then start another career at age 42!

Additional Education

  • Guaranteed Specialty Training after your first year
  • Opportunity to pursue Masters Degree, full time at full pay


  • Army Nurse Corps is 33% male.
  • Chief of the Army Nurse Corps (CEO) is a female: General Gale S. Pollock.
  • Commander of Tripler Army medical Center and Pacific is Major General Nancy Adams, Army Nurse.
  • 85% of the Army Nurse Corps is married, and over 40% have children.

What is Army ROTC?

  • Participation in Military Science (AROTC) during college:
    • Class twice per week (1 to 3 hour class per quarter)
    • Leadership lab once per week
    • Fitness training three times per week
  • Leadership Development & Assessment Course (LDAC) and Nurse Summer Training Program (between Junior and Senior years)
  • Non-scholarship cadets and scholarship cadets generally have a three year or four-year service obligation upon graduation, respectively.

Specialty training guaranteed during first year

  • Community Health
  • Critical Care
  • OB-GYN
  • Preoperative
  • Psychiatric

Masters Degree Paid for by U.S. Army

  • Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Halth Care Administration
  • Midwifery
  • Nurse Anesthesia

Other Masters and Doctoral Studies

  • Adult Health
  • Nursing Informatics
  • Preventative Health

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To learn about the Army Nursing Corps visit: Army Nurse Corps.

"The Army Nurse Corps is one of the best career choices a nurse can make. It offers exceptional education and advancement opportunities in a rigorous clinical environment. And the rewards are immeasurable: leadership experience, specialty training, and the pride of serving one's country."
- Dr. Patty L. Hawken, RN