undergraduate major: Middle Childhood Education


The following courses are taken during the sophomore, junior, and senior years culminating in student teaching during the senior year (sequence of courses may vary).

  • Education: Foundations 100: Intro to Education
  • Education: Foundations 110: Human Development & Learning
  • Education: Foundations 251: Instructional Technology
  • Education: Foundations 260: Cultural Diversity in Education
  • Education: Middle Childhood 212: Nature and Needs of Adolescents
  • Education: Middle Childhood 325: The Arts in Middle Childhood
  • Education: Middle Childhood 340: Middle School Philosophy & Organization
  • Education: Middle Childhood 345: Introduction to MS Collaboration & Classroom Management
  • Special Education 200: Special Education ID and Issues
  • Children’s Literature 326: Children's Literature in Middle Grades
  • Reading Education 269: Phonics & Foundation of Literacy
  • Reading Education 314: Reading Methods for Middle Childhood
  • Reading Education 471/671: Content Area Literacy
  • Reading Education 478/678: Diagnosis & Correction of Reading Disabilities
  • Two courses from Middle Childhood 351-354 (Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Middle School Philosophy & Organization, Student Teaching: Middle School, and Seminar: Current Issues in Middle School Education)

A 2.750 GPA must be attained in the education courses, and a 2.50 cumulative overall GPA must be achieved in the Bachelor of Science degree.