Full-time Option

Overview | Course Sequence

The full-time graduate program in health services administration prepares students for administrative and executive positions in health care organizations. Four consecutive semesters of intensive coursework are completed on campus and followed by an eight- to 12-month administrative residency. Students are also required to complete a master's project. The coursework provides students with broad-based skills and knowledge that prepare them for careers in any area of health care management. The residency enables them to focus on particular areas they would like to explore and develop.

Part-time Option

Overview | Course Sequence

The part-time option enables individuals who are already working in health care to learn the administrative skills they need to progress in their careers and increase their value to their employers. This track also prepares students to learn new skills that will move them into a different career direction.

Under the part-time option, students complete nine consecutive semesters, including summer coursework on campus, while simultaneously pursuing an administrative practicum in their place of employment. For students who are not able to reasonably organize a practicum with their employer, the administrative residency is required. The practicum is accomplished concurrently with the second and third years of coursework; the residency takes place after all coursework is completed. Students are also required to complete a master's project.

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