Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
  with Minor in Professional Education

The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree with a minor in Professional Education prepares a student for licensure to teach mathematics at the secondary level.  It requires completion of the university’s core curriculum requirements, 45 hours of coursework dedicated to the major, and 31 hours dedicated to the minor.

Mathematics (45 hours)

Required courses (42 hours)

  • (3) CSCI 170 Computer Science 1
  • (4) MATH 170 Calculus I
  • (4) MATH 171 Calculus  II
  • (4) MATH 220 Calculus III
  • (3) MATH 225 Foundations of Higher Mathematics
  • (3) MATH 240 Linear Algebra
  • (3) MATH 256 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
  • (3) MATH 300 History of Mathematics
  • (3) MATH 301 Geometry
  • (3) MATH 340 Abstract Algebra I
  • (3) MATH 370 Real Analysis
  • (3) MATH 384 Secondary Mathematics from an Advanced Perspective
  • (3) MATH 391/392/393 Mathematics Seminar (1 hour each)

Elective Course (3 hours)

At least one Core Elective course in mathematics must be completed. This elective should be chosen under the guidance of the student’s advisor.

  • (3) MATH 230 Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations
  • (3) MATH 280 Combinatorics
  • (3) MATH 302 Number Theory
  • (3) MATH 311 Probability Theory
  • (3) MATH 325 Mathematical Modeling
  • (3) MATH 330 Graph Theory
  • (3) MATH 341 Abstract Algebra II
  • (3) MATH 360 Elementary Topology
  • (3) MATH 371 Real Analysis II
  • (3) MATH 380 Introduction to Complex Analysis

Professional Education minor (31 hours)

Students should consult with the Director of Secondary Education for current program details and specific teaching licensure requirements for the State of Ohio.  In addition to 31 hours of coursework, these requirements include field experience in schools, the completion of licensure exams, and specific GPA requirements.  Click here for program details in the Department of Secondary and Special Education.


  • A 2.000 cumulative average must be attained in the student’s mathematics and computer science courses to complete the B.S. in Mathematics.  The Professional Education minor for licensure has additional GPA requirements.  Consult the Department of Secondary and Special Education for details.
  • Students are required to complete the MFT (Major Field Test) in Mathematics.
  • At the completion of MATH 393, students complete a Senior Project presented in a public colloquium.
  • Any student wishing to major in Mathematics with a minor in Professional Education should consult both the chair of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and the Director of Secondary Education before registration.