Senior Capstone Experience takes the form of a sequence of three one-credit seminars beginning in the spring of the third year and culminating in the production of a senior project at the end of the fourth year. Third- and fourth-year students participate in the spring in a seminar, as the former begin considering their projects while the latter are completing theirs. The spring seminar discusses use of library resources, professional societies, technical writing, presentation skills, etc., and serves as a forum for fourth-years to practice presenting their project results as the third-years discover what is expected of a quality project. The second semester is reserved for students to meet regularly with a faculty advisor for support as they carry out their research. The completed project involves writing a substantial paper and a 30-minute formal oral presentation to the department.

Senior Projects 2011

    * Deborah Schuda - The Axiom of Choice and Its Ramifications, Advisor Dr. Otero

    * Matt Dulle - Modification of the Colley Matrix Ranking Method, Advisor Dr. Buot

    * Kevin Johns - Frieze Groups, Advisor Dr. Morton

    * Andrew Kroger - Backward Elimination Multvariate Stochastic Modeling, Advisor Dr. Malla

    * Will Meyer - Lights Out, Advisor Dr. Nastase

    * Patrick Schmidt - The Koch Curve and its Properties, Advisor Dr. Otero

    * Samuel Volpenheim - Chaos, Advisor Dr. Otero

    * Luke Wasserman - Concrete Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometry, Advisor Dr. Otero