The joint MSN/MBA program for registered nurses requires 59 credits or more depending on choice of courses. Not included in the 59 credit hours are foundational business courses that students may need to take or demonstrate knowledge by previous academic courses, professional credentials or through examination.

Scheduling is flexible, allowing for part-time or full-time study.


Foundation Skills
    Sem. Hrs.
BUAD 500 International Business 2
FINC 500 Corporate Finance* 3
MKTG 500 Marketing Concepts 2
ECON 501 Macro Economics Analysis 2
ECON 500 Micro Economics Analysis 2


*Although ACCT 803 Accounting Analysis is not listed as a foundation course, it is a prerequisite of FINC 801 Corporate Finance.

Core MSN and MBA courses include theoretical and practical knowledge which serve as the foundation for advanced nursing practice in a variety of roles. The core courses focus on major themes which are consistent with the philosophy of both graduate programs.

Within the dual degree, students have the opportunity to select elective courses in their area of interest. A minimum of 8 elective credit hours are required: Two MBA elective courses (4-6 cr. total) and application of the theory learned in these courses in two nursing practicum courses (4 cr. total).    Two capstone courses measure the accomplishments of each program's objectives.  

Nursing Core
    Sem. Hrs.
NURS 500 Health Care Ethics for Nursing Leaders 3
NURS 501 Theoretical Bases for Nursing Practice 3
NURS 502 Nursing Research 3
NURS 864 Epidemiological Methods in Health Care 3
NURS 505 Health Care Informatics 2
NURS 690 Health Care Policy for Nursing Leaders 2


MBA Core Courses
    Sem. Hrs.
ACCT 500 Accounting Analysis 2
ACCT 501 Foundations of Managerial Accounting 2
MGMT 601 Operational Analysis 3
ECON 600 Managerial Economics 3
BUAD 600 Business Law and Ethics 3
ACCT 600 or 601 Financial Reporting & Analysis OR Strategic Measurem't, Eval. & Control 3
FINC 600 Managerial Finance 3
MKTG 600 Marketing Strategy 3


    Sem. Hrs.
  MBA Elective 3
  MBA Elective 3


    Sem. Hrs.
NURS 634
MGMT 500
Nursing Administration in Complex Healthcare Organizations (3) OR
Managerial Behavior & Skills (2) (1 general elective may be required)
NURS 764
MGMT 600

Administrative Informatics OR
Managing Design and Change


*If MGMT 901 is completed , one additional general elective may be required.

Synthesis and Application
    Sem. Hrs.
NURS 703 Graduate Nursing Practicum I 2
NURS 705 Graduate Nursing Practicum II 2
  (Practicum courses are 2 credits/6 contact hours)  


Capstone Courses
    Sem. Hrs.
BUAD 690 or 691 Corporate Governance OR Global Strategic Thinking 3
NURS 797 Scholarly Project (MSN) 2

Total semester hours: 59

NOTE: The concentrate courses are under review and subject to change.
           Consult your advisor for details.