Master of Arts in English

From Chaucer and Shakespeare to Morrison and Ellison, the wide spectrum of writers, poets, playwrights and theorists covered in Xavier's English master's program provides a rich tableau for students studying for their degrees. Indulge in your love of great literature as you improve your writing and communication skills or become the teacher you were meant to be.


of Xavier English students are education or communications professionals.

Master of Arts in English

real-world learning

Current students can start teaching college-level students while earning their degree through a special partnership with Cincinnati State Technical and Community College and Xavier's English department.

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Most classes are offered in the evenings and summer, so students can keep their jobs and take classes part time.

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Complete your degree in less than two years or up to six years.

Master of Arts in English Program

The graduate program in English weaves traditional approaches to the study of literature together with more contemporary methods. Course work includes literary analysis and theory, literary and cultural history, linguistics and the arts of creative and critical writing.

Students in the program develop critical, expository and research skills, a critical and historical understanding of literature and language, and a knowledge of current theories of interpretation.

Once all coursework is completed, students take a comprehensive exam that consists of 15 to 18 literary works based on literature, linguistics, composition and literary theory.

30 Credit Hours, 10 Courses

  • ENGL 512 Literary Theory
  • ENGL 525 Shakespeare
  • One 500-level course on women or minority authors.
  • One 500-level linguistics course on language.
  • Six courses of English electives or four courses plus a written thesis worth six credit hours.
  • Intermediate-level foreign language proficiency demonstrated by passing a course or a reading test.


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