Defining the QuestionMod Chips Demo

Using the "live" database demo window below you will use a keyword to find articles on a topic that is too new to have any subject terms assigned to it. If necessary, follow the remote authentication instructions on your screen. You are viewing Business Source Complete, a business database.

  1. Type the keyword, mod chips, in the first search box.
  2. Click the Search button.
  3. Click the title of the first item in your search results.
  4. The database will take you to the citation, abstract (if there is one), and subject terms for this item.
  5. Look at the subject terms listed under the citation. Mod chips is not listed here because the term is too new to appear in the list of subjects.
  6. Scroll to the abstract for this citation. You do see mod chips as a keyword in the abstract.
  7. You must do a keyword search to find information on mod chips.