Defining the QuestionEarly Memories Demo

Using the "live" database demo window below you will discover appropriate thesaurus terms from a list of related terms. If necessary, follow the remote authentication instructions on your screen. You are viewing PsycINFO, a psychology database. You need to find information about inaccurate memories of past experiences.

  1. Click Thesaurus on the blue menu bar at the top of the screen.
  2. Type memory in the Browsing: PsycINFO -- Thesaurus textbox under the blue line
  3. Click the Browse button.
  4. The database will take you to the thesaurus term Memory.
  5. Click on the thesaurus term Memory.
  6. The database will take you to all the thesaurus terms for Memory.
  7. Look for the terms, false memory and repressed memory
  8. Click the checkboxes next to these two terms.
  9. Click the ADD button.
  10. This will add those terms to the search box at the top of the page: DE "False Memory" OR DE "Repressed Memory"
  11. Click the green Search button next to those terms.
  12. The database will return a list of documents.
  13. From a thesaurus term that is not relevant, you may discover related terms that are appropriate for your research.