Welcome to XU.tutor!


These 3 library tutorials will help you to do research more effectively while saving you time and helping you to succeed at Xavier.  The 3 tutorials will take approximately an hour to complete.  If using a Mac, use Safari for best results.


  1. Page through the tutorials using the  Back  and  Next  buttons.
  2. Click all of the links in the tutorials: examples,  videos, and  demos.
  3. If  off-campus, the database demos will require you to log in with your Xavier username and password.
  4. Each tutorial ends in a quiz.  The results will be emailed to you.  Keep these.  You may be asked by different professors for the results.
  5. Click on one of the icons to begin.


The FIND tutorial will teach you how to:

The EVALUATE tutorial will teach you how to:

The USE tutorial will teach you how to: