Placing Materials on E-reserves

Format of Materials

  • Document Files
    • MS Word
    • MS PowerPoint
    • MS Excel
    • Documents in Portable Document Format (PDF)
  • Paper Copies of:
    • Journal articles
    • Book chapters
    • Syllabi
    • Course notes
    • Assignments
    • Solution sets
  • Links to web pages on the Internet if the title and URL of the web page are provided
  • Links to full-text articles in the library's research databases (we will create the links)
  • CDs (we can place MP3 files on electronic reserves

At the present time video materials cannot be made available via electronic reserves.

Submitting Requests

Electronic reserves request forms are available online or in PDF. Links to web pages on the Internet may be emailed directly to Anne Davies, or Sidnie Reed,

Turnaround Time

Please allow 5 to10 days to process electronic reserves requests. At the beginning of each semester 10 days may be necessary and submitting requests early will expedite your requests.  The library processes materials in the order that they are received.  It does not have the resources to provide rush service.

Scanning Requirements

To scan materials effectively, a clean, single-sided original or first generation copy with no staples must be provided. The library is not responsible for blurred images. Scanning materials can create large files, which cause printing and downloading problems; therefore, documents larger than ten pages will be broken up into smaller files.

Access & Passwords

Materials on electronic reserves will be accessible by faculty name, department, course name or number. Access to the material will be restricted to specific classes by means of a password. The instructor will provide the library with a password and is responsible for distributing the password to students. The password must be at least three characters in length, all lower case and have no spaces.


U.S. Copyright Law and its fair use provisions will be followed by the library in providing electronic reserves. Faculty members are responsible for acquiring all necessary copyright permissions and providing a written copy of permission to the library if needed. The library will not place materials on reserve, and/or will remove materials, if needed copyright permission is not acquired by the faculty member. The library will not be responsible for seeking and managing copyright permissions but some assistance in obtaining copyright permission may be available. The library will not place materials on the electronic reserves system without copyright permission if the nature, scope or extent of copy is judged by the library to exceed the reasonable limits of fair use or is otherwise unsuitable for electronic reserve distribution. For more information please consult the library's copyright page.

Want to Do It Yourself?

Faculty can place their own items on electronic reserves. You can manage your own course page. Contact Resource Sharing staff for more information.