Patron Use Guidelines

Archives and Special Collections are unique collections of Xavier University library. Their fragile and irreplaceable condition requires careful monitoring and handling. Every effort is made to protect and preserve these collections. The following guidelines are set to this end.

Access to Archives & Special Collections

Access to archives and special collections stacks is restricted to library staff designated by the Library  Director. Designated staff may invite a patron to enter the collections area in special situations.

Access to archives and special collections is by appointment only. Patrons may be required to complete a Patron Registration Form prior to using the collections. In addition, positive identification may be kept (e.g. driver’s license) while patrons use the materials.

We will respond to all requests as quickly as possible, consistent with the appropriateness of a patron’s request, legitimate scholarly intent, and an absence of confidentiality issues. If a request requires us to do complicated research it may be up to two weeks before we can respond.

Archives Requests

Anne Ryckbost
513 745-4821

Special Collections Requests

Marty Ferrell
513 745-4806

Mailing Address

Xavier University Library
3800 Victory Parkway
Cincinnati, OH 45207-5211
Fax 513 745-1932

Circulation & Loans

Materials in special collections do not circulate. Materials in archives may be loaned outside the library only in special circumstances and only if they are properly safeguarded. Letters of conveyance accompany an archives loan. Such letters detail the items loaned, the date of loan, the date the loan is due, and the borrower (name, address, telephone number). Copies of these letters are kept on file.


The handling of archives and special collections materials are subject to the following guidelines:

  • Patrons will register and leave some form of picture identification which is held while materials are in use.
  • Use of these materials will be under the direct monitoring of the designated library staff member.
  • Patrons should not eat or drink while materials are in use.
  • Only materials needed for research should be taken into the viewing area. Briefcases, handbags and computer cases as well as coats and hats are not allowed in the viewing area. All personal effects are subject to inspection prior to and following patrons viewing materials.
  • Patrons should use pencils only while working with materials.
  • Tracings may not be made from materials.
  • Post-it notes and bookmarks are not allowed; only acid-free slips (available in the library) should be placed in materials.
  • No books or other materials should be placed on top of materials.
  • Patrons may be required to wear gloves while viewing materials.
  • Materials will be viewed in a controlled manner. A limited number of volumes or archives folders will be viewed at one time. All materials should be viewed flat on the table.
  • Photocopying/scanning of materials is discouraged and will be done only at the discretion of the library staff member. Fragile materials will not be reproduced. Patrons are liable for any copyright infringement where applicable. All photocopying/scanning is to be done by a library staff member at the requestor's expense at 50 cents per page.

The library reserves the right to deny access to these materials or to modify these guidelines as needed due to the condition of materials or to the availability of staff.