Exhibition Guidelines

Environmental Guidelines

Exhibits should provide the following protections:

  • Protection against theft, light, temperature, and humidity
  • Supervised and secure exhibition area.
  • Locked exhibit cases
  • Room temperature between 65 to 75 degrees
  • Fahrenheit with minimal fluctuation.
  • Relative humidity between 40 to 50 percent with minimal fluctuation. Humidity
  • inside cases may be monitored as needed.
  • Light filtered: no direct sunlight on documents; ultraviolet radiation from fluorescent lights filtered or low ultraviolet fluorescent lamps used.
  • Light sources separate from exhibit case interiors.

Conservation Guidelines

General Conservation Guidelines:

  • Handling of materials kept to a minimum in the transportation, preparation and mounting of exhibited items.
  • Eating, drinking, and smoking must be prohibited in exhibit storage and preparation areas.
  • The Library reserves the right to hand carry items of unusual value to local vendors. Transportation of items to out
  • of town vendors will be prearranged through the Library.
  • The borrower by not alter, clean, repair, or treat loaned items without the express written consent of the Library.

Exhibit Preparation Guidelines:

  • Items are to be fastened and mounted in a conservation-sensitive manner:
  • No use of pins, tacks or metal fasteners in direct contact with items
  • Pressure-sensitive tapes shall not come in direct contact with items
  • Exhibit labels should not be laid on top of or overlap items
  • Matting shall provide rigid support to items and prevent them from coming into contact with the glazing.
  • Overmatting may be used to restrain the edges of a single sheet item which tends to curl, bend, or torque.
  • Hinges and other restraining devices can be used to support, attach, or secure items to mats. However such devices must be made of inert materials (acid free).
  • Glues are not to be used to adhere items.
  • Encapsulation of items is acceptable if necessary. Lamination of items is not acceptable.
  • Mount documents only with acid-free paper, boards. If covering is needed use only Plexiglas or Perspex. Documents should not be directly against covering.

Financial Guidelines

All loan-related costs are the responsibility of the borrower, including but not limited to, site inspections, packing and shipping, photography, conservation, insurance, courier travel and related expenses, and matting, framing, or book cradles.

Use Guidelines

No original documents to be exhibited longer than one year. Thereafter high-quality facsimiles are to be used and labeled as reproductions. Items are subject to recall for scholarly use or to minimize damage to fragile or light-sensitive items.