EdD Curriculum

The Ed. D. in Leadership Studies is a 60-semester hour program.  It includes:

  • 15 semester hours from the Leadership Core
  • 15 semester hours from the Research Core
  • 15 semester hours of Dissertation
  • 15 semester hour Cognate
Course Core Course Number Semester Hours
Leadership Theory Leadership Core LEAD 820 3
Change Theory Leadership Core LEAD 821 3
Organizational Theory Leadership Core LEAD 822 3
Leadership Seminar Leadership Core LEAD 823 3
Ethical Foundations Leadership Core LEAD 824 3
Statistical Methods I Research Core LEAD 825 3
Advanced Statistics Research Core LEAD 826 3
Qualitative Methodology Research Core LEAD 827 3
Data Analysis Research Core LEAD 828 3
Ed./Psy. Measure. & Design Research Core LEAD 829 3
Dissertation Dissertation requirement LEAD 830 15

Cognate Courses

(Educational Leadership)

15 semester hours from the following cognate courses:    
Information Management & Evaluation Cognate EDAD 802 3
Curriculum, Instruct, Supervision & the Learning Environment Cognate EDAD 804 3
Professional Development / Human Resources Cognate EDAD 806 3
Financial Management / Resource Cognate EDAD 812 3
Technology / Information Systems Cognate EDAD 814 3
Community & Media Relations Cognate EDAD 816 3
Law, Public Policy, and Politics Cognate EDAD 818 3

Additional approved courses for the Educational Leadership cognate include internships and seminars aligned with state standards for licensure (EDAD 771 – 789).

Future Cognates:

A cognate in Higher Education has been approved for Fall 2015.  Other 15 credit hour specializations in Higher Health Services Administration, and Human & Organizational Learning are being proposed for Spring 2016-Fall 2016.  Students can start in Spring 2015 regardless of cognate choice.

Students who have completed post-master’s coursework equivalent to a doctoral  program at accredited institutions may receive some credit toward a portion of the fulfillment of the Ed.D. leadership, research or cognate courses.  Courses graded on a pass/fail basis, or the equivalent, will not be accepted as transfer credit.  Petitions for transfer of credit will be evaluated individually and will only be granted with the recommendation of the Dean, Associate Dean or department/program chair.

At the appropriate time in the program, a qualifying comprehensive exam will be required before dissertation preparation may commence.

Suggested Course Sequence:

Semester 1-8:  6 credits each semester, consisting of a combination of leadership, research and cognate classes
Semester 9-13: 3 credits each semester of dissertation research

We are currently accepting applications for Fall 2015! The deadline for consideration is April 1, 2015.

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