Field Trips, Events, & Experiential Learning

The heart of the Economics, Sustainability and Society (ECOS) program is experiential learning through field trips, guest speakers, and class projects. Internships and practicums are also available and students are encouraged to engage in summer jobs and internships in sustainability areas.

Sustainability Field Trips Fall 2015

Monday, September 14: Benjamin Barber

3 pm - Kennedy Auditorium

7 pm - Cintas Center

Benjamin Barber (CUNY, The Graduate Center), in If Mayors Ruled the World: Dysfunctional Nations and Rising Cities, argues that cities have, in the age of globalization, “once again become democracy’s best hope.” Barber presents a way of rethinking the challenge of democracy: cities, unlike the limping nation-state, are positioned to connect local democratic participation with social and political power to promote lasting change. In Consumed Barber examines how markets “corrupt children, infantilize adults, and swallow citizens whole” effectively undermining the health of our democracy and the environment. E/R &S Lecture cosponsored by the Brueggeman Center and Sustainability Committee. For more information, contact Gabe Gottlieb,

Friday, September 25: Burnet Woods City Park Tour

10:15 am - 12:15 pm

Join naturalist, Michael George, and First Year Seminar Bicycling Our Bioregion students for a tour of Clifton’s city park, Burnet Woods. We will bike from campus starting at 10:15. Return on your own. Alternatively, you can take city bus #51 for a 20 minute ride to the park. For more information, contact Kathleen Smythe,

Monday, October 5: Sustainability Heroes Gallery Opening

4 - 5 pm

Celebrate the life and values of Erin and Robert Lockridge, Norwood parish farmers and founders of Moriah Pie. Outside Currito Burrito in Fenwick Place. For more information, contact Kathleen Smythe, 

Thursday, October 29: Ross Gay: Poetry, Race, and the Environment

Ross Gay (Indiana University, Bloomington) is a poet, critic, and a gardener. He is the author of Bringing the Shovel Down and Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude and the essay “Some Thoughts on Mercy” which critically examines his experiences with racism. He is currently writing a book on African-American gardening and farming. In addition to an E/RS lecture, there will be poetry reading at Evanston’s Community Blend. For more information, contact Gabe Gottlieb,

Friday, October 30: Alter Hall Sustainability Tour

4 - 5:15 pm

Learn more about the visible and invisible sustainability features of the newly renovated Alter Hall. For more information, contact Kathleen Smythe,

Monday, November 16, 2015: Mark Anielski: "Pope Francis, Consumption Justice and the Economics of Genuine Wealth"

7 pm

Join Mark Anielski, Canadian author of The Economics of Happiness: Building Genuine Wealth and learn how his model to measure the real determinants of well-being and redefine “progress” connects to consumption justice and Pope Francis’s new encyclical on care of the Earth. Sponsored by Sustainability Committee, the Institute for Spirituality and Social Justice, and Cincinnati’s Economics of Compassion Initiative. For more information, contact Nancy Bertaux,

Monday, November 30: North Avondale Historical Walk

3 - 5 pm

Join entrepreneur and author, Danny Korman, on one of his 32 walking tours from his new book, Walking Cincinnati (co-authored with Katie Meyer). We will meet at the Admissions doors of Schott Hall at 3 pm to begin the tour. For more information, contact Kathleen Smythe,


Sustainability Field Trips Spring 2014


Sponsored by the Senior Administrative Fellow for Sustainability and the Environmental Imagination Sustainability Committee, and Sustainability Office. View pictures and videos from past events at